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Founders Sara and Dwayne

Dwayne and Sara


Sara and Dwayne started this business to help people connect with each other for dating and social networking. We wanted to give an alternative option for people to do this using another site other than the usual ones that are out there. We want people to have the option to find the perfect match for themselves whether it be someone with the same interest or someone who is the complete opposite from them (opposites attract). We also wanted to take control of our own lives and be the creators of our own destiny. The other side of our business is an online store where we have apparel that fits with our humorous personalities. We feel that life is short so in the meanwhile have as much fun as you can and be sure to share those great experiences with the people you care about.

Our mission is to enable lovers everywhere to connect and enjoy a pleasurable love life. We see the results of our site every day as new couples express thanks to us for giving the opportunity to change their romantic lives.

When it comes to dating, RandomsInk’s philosophy is that whether it’s a visual attraction, physical, mental or just plain lust the attraction is there and we encourage you to explore without hesitation those you are attracted to. But, safely and knowing that the person you like may not feel the same. So let go, be free and love.

We believe like–not love–comes first. There’s a lot that happens between meeting someone and falling in love, and we believe those milestones are worth celebrating. You can find yourself ‘in like’ the first time you laugh at the same time or when you discover a mutual love of jazz music and red wine. It’s those little moments of like that grow into the bigger, better experience of falling in love.


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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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